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Ombre Bleach Blonde - 160 Gram - 10 pcs set (22")

Rs. 29,449.00

Naturally Curly

Ombre hair extensions are different from the traditional ones as they intend to cover more than one color.  They are fun, sexy and fashion forward.  Except for achieving the voluminous effect and lengthening your hair instantly, they can also be applied in combinations with our other ranges to create fabulous hairstyles like braids, up-do, ponytails etccc.

"The Stunner" - Ombre Bleach Blonde is a gorgeous combination of Natural Black color at the top that gradually changes midway into Bleach Blonde color and is available in two beautiful textures: Naturally straight to slightly wavy & Slightly wavy to Naturally Curly.

Our Stunner is perfect for all fashion forward beauties who love experimenting with bold colors. The Ombre bleach blonde (Curly) is best for those who have naturally curly hair and blends in better with your natural curls. This set also good for those who love curly hairstyles and don't want to curl their hair extensions often.  Be a trendsetter by flashing this gorgeous hair color.


  • Length : 22 inches
  • Style : Ombre
  • Color : Natural Black-Bleach Blonde
  • Weight : 160 Gram
  • Hair Type: 100% Remy Indian Human Hair
  • Texture : Slightly Wavy to Naturally Curly
  • Styling Options : Can be Curled, Straightened, Trimmed & Colored
  • No of Pieces per set : 10 Pcs (Full Head Set)

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