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Which is Better – Clip-in Hair Extensions or Glued/Braided ones?


Which is Better – Clip-in Hair Extensions or Glued

Hands down, the clip-in hair extensions. Here’s why.
With glued/braided hair extensions, real hair or synthetic hair is attached to your scalp either by sewing, gluing or weaving. That does give a pretty good look, but it is very common for them to be attached far too tightly and to weigh far more than is healthy for your scalp. So what happens is that your follicles are stretched and strained constantly, and your real hair will just break and eventually fall right out. Yikes!
What’s really scary is that it can damage your follicles permanently which means that you will have a hard time re-growing your hair. It may also not grow back at all. This is called traction alopecia and is a widespread issue with people who wear glued/braided hair extensions.
Now, with clip-in hair extensions, the lightweight clips attach to your hair, not your scalp. Plus, the extensions on each clip are just enough to add pizzazz but not so much that it weighs down and damages your real hair.

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