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What are the Advantages of wearing Glamcheck clip-in Hair Extensions?


Glamcheck clip-in Hair Extensions - 10 pcs set

So many!
Your hair instantly looks fuller and longer. No time-consuming hair treatments, no expensive products.
Since they are not permanently stuck to your scalp, the extensions can be removed whenever you want. So you can change your look often, and keep your fans guessing.
Glamcheck clip-in hair extensions are so easy to put on and take off that styling your hair with them will take only five minutes.
Most clip-in hair extensions out there have fork-like lines on the clips. But the clips used in Glamcheck clip-in hair extensions have U-shaped tines as well as silicone lining on the cross-bar – both of which allow for much better grip on your hair but without straining your real hair.
Our hair extensions packages (160 gram set) hold ten pieces each in varying sizes and hair density. This means you can evenly distribute the extensions across your hair, thus preventing too much stress or pressure on just one side of your head. The even distribution also gives you more of a natural look and no one will ever know that you’ve got some help in the hair department.
They’re cheaper. Clip-in hair extensions are waaaay more economical than regular hair extensions. This is because (a) they are temporary, and (b) you don’t need a professional to put them in and take them out. Both those reasons are also why clip-in hair extensions give you so much more freedom to get a new look as and when you like without the need of an appointment or spending huge amounts of money.

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