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First Time Hair Extensions Users Tips: What to Expect with my Glamcheck Clip-In Hair Extensions ?

New bees in the hair extension world or a hair honcho, we'd like you to know a little about what Glamcheck Clip-in hair extensions has to offer you.

    • Know How: The hair extensions are silky smooth and straight because they are steam pressed using a natural process which is why you may find it less voluminous on initial appearance and feel. A hair connoisseur would know that the happens if you straighten your own hair. You can wear the clip-in extensions as-is to give a straight hair look. You may also wash it before wearing but this will cause the hair to return to its natural texture (naturally wavy texture) which will make it appear more voluminous and fuller. (Click to watch how to safely wash/clean your Glamcheck Clip-in Hair Extensions HERE:)
    • Hair Texture: The extensions that Glamcheck shelves are naturally straight or naturally wavy. All Glamcheck Clip-In Hair extensions are made out of 100% Indian human hair (retaining the root to cuticle) which is naturally wavy. Since it is natural hair that we deal with, you can expect the textures-N.Straight to N or even Wavy.
    • Tangling: Remember that all human hair tangles to an extent, and since our extensions are made from natural human hair, it is inevitable that they will tangle too.
    • Shedding: Those with experience of clip in hair extensions will know that shedding is completely normal. There may be a little hair shedding during the first couple of wears since each strand of the hair extension is hand-picked and knotted together. However, because we're all about high quality, the shedding will be minimal.
    • Split-ends: Since natural hair has split ends, there may be some split ends in your hair extensions too but that is just to ensure that the hair is 100% natural and cuticle correct. There is no need to trim them, but you can if you want to.


      Rest assured, Glamcheck provides the most luxurious and highest-quality hair extensions - by far the best in Clip-In Human Hair Extensions options that are available today. 

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