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About Glamcheck Clip-in Hair Extensions

Luscious and silky hair are a mark of beauty! A day at work or a friend's wedding reception, your hair does the talking. 

Every day is a new day, a new- you, a "new- look". Well, we don't want you Fashionistas to have the same old hair styles on all your Instagram feed! No way, right! To us, styling those tresses is nothing less than expressing the who we are.

Practically, hair on its own is binding, you have just one length & have limited options of stylistic freedom. Well, not anymore! You read it right, not anymore.

Whether you want to go super short on a Monday beating morning blues or flaunt some long curled tresses on a Tuesday to jazz up your walk by the mall windows and who knows on Friday you feel like TGIF and want to add some fun colors to your wavy long hair, we have got all your styling and experimental needs covered.

For some of you out there it might be countdown ticking away before your D-day, or a friend's wedding or a sangeet ceremony out of the blue, hoping that your hair would be at the ideal length and color in such a short time is just too much to ask for.

"The Solution" for this need of instant gratification- Hair Extensions! Clip- it- in and you have long hair, clip- it- off and you can mind- boggle your followers on social media.



What is special about Glamcheck Clip- In Hair Extensions?

Healthy lustrous hair is all that a women needs as her ornament. Pollution in the air, damaging chemicals and stress really takes a toll on your hair.

Clip-in Hair extensions are the best way out to help protect hair from harmful chemical (read highly expensive pungent chemicals that can burn a whole in your wallets) treatments and saves you from the endless waits at the hair studios.


Hair extensions add instant volume and length to thin or short hair without causing them any damage.

With Glamcheck Clip-In Hair Extensions, your hair instantly looks fuller and longer. Advantage, stealth your way to a variety of hairstyles, add playful lengths & curate your hair according to the occasion / season to suit your attire. No time-consuming hair treatments, no expensive products. Just clip it in and you are good to go.


THE HAIR - Glamcheck Clip-In Hair Extensions are made of 100% Virgin Indian Remy Human hair - that is the most superior quality Indian human hair. What is special about them is that all the strands are placed from roots to tips, just like real hair. So the cuticles of the hair strands are kept intact in their original state, making them less likely to become tangled or matted and allowing for a better flow as well.

Glamcheck Clip- In Hair Extensions are 100% human and natural. They are also uncolored, unprocessed and untreated. They have never been exposed to treatments that use color, bleach, dye or chemicals (except for the colored pieces).

Our hair extensions packages hold pieces each in varying sizes and hair density. This means you can evenly distribute the extensions across your hair, thus preventing too much stress or pressure on just one side of your head. The even distribution also gives you more of a natural look and no one will ever know that you’ve got some help in the hair department.


THE CLIPS – We use the highest quality, light-weight, specially-designed pressure sensitive clips with U-shaped tines and a unique silicone strip on the cross-bar to ensure better grip on your hair without straining your real hair. This means that your Glamcheck Clip-in Hair Extensions will stay securely in place without the need for hairspray or teasing so you can be stylish without resorting to practices that harm your hair.

What You Can Do With Your Glamcheck Clip-in Hair Extensions:

Is the damage done (hair we mean)? Does your hair texture, length, hair fall, hair density or uneven hair distribution trouble you?

Whether you are seeking a quick cover up to hide the damage or you are in for some fun styling options, Glamcheck Clip-in hair extensions come with umpteen opportunities of styling and are a great way to protect your hair.

Since our hair extensions are made from natural human hair, you can style them the way you would your own hair whether it's curling, straightening, flat-ironing, perming, coloring or trimming.

About Glamcheck Clip-in Hair Extensions


However, If you're planning on coloring or trimming your hair extensions, we recommend seeking professional help. If ironing, curling or perming is more your look, we suggest using a heat protectant before using your styling tools.


Reasons why you should own a set of Glamcheck Clip-in Hair Extensions:

We are the best option in the market, isn't that a reason good enough. That being said, the fashionista in us knows what hair means in woman's life. At Glamcheck we care about how our products work post sales, the experience you have with the product along with providing you all the help from deciding which products works best for you to styling tips, how-to guides and so much more!


  • Quality – 100% unprocessed Indian Remy Human hair ( silky, soft, thick top to bottom), highest quality clips that don't feel on your scalp.
  • Convenience - Easy to wear and remove in minutes. Clip-in techniques are pro stealth!
  • Styling – Unlimited styling options.
  • Pricing – Best hair extensions reasonably priced.
  • Glamcheck Hair YouTube Playlist – Watch our how to wear, remove, style featured videos & take care of your Glamcheck hair extensions.
  • Glamcheck Hair Blog & Hairstyle Tutorials – For trendy and easy to do hairstyles for every occasion.
  • Customer Service – Yes, we care & we are here to help. We reply to all customer service e-mails 7 days a week.
  • Free Shipping – We work with one of the most reliable courier service company. Guess what - Your order reaches you within 3 working days!!!
  • Exciting Offers & Deals – Because we love that smile on your face :)


       PS: We were also just like one of those OCD customers who decided enough is enough and turned into fashion entrepreneurs to provide the best and be the best.


      What to Expect with your Glamcheck Clip-In Hair Extensions (esp for first time hair extensions users)

      New bees in the hair extension world or a hair honcho, we'd like you to know a little about what Glamcheck Clip-in hair extensions has to offer you.

        • Know How: The hair extensions are silky smooth and straight because they are steam pressed using a natural process which is why you may find it less voluminous on initial appearance and feel. A hair connoisseur would know that the happens if you straighten your own hair. You can wear the clip-in extensions as-is to give a straight hair look. You may also wash it before wearing but this will cause the hair to return to its natural texture (naturally wavy texture) which will make it appear more voluminous and fuller. (Click to watch how to safely wash/clean your Glamcheck Clip-in Hair Extensions here:)
        • Hair Texture: The extensions that Glamcheck shelves are naturally straight or naturally wavy. All Glamcheck Clip-In Hair extensions are made out of 100% Indian human hair (retaining the root to cuticle) which is naturally wavy. Since it is natural hair that we deal with, you can expect the textures-N, Straight to N or even Wavy.
        • Tangling: Remember that all human hair tangles to an extent, and since our extensions are made from natural human hair, it is inevitable that they will tangle too.
        • Shedding: Those with experience of clip in hair extensions will know that shedding is completely normal. There may be a little hair shedding during the first couple of wears since each strand of the hair extension is hand-picked and knotted together. However, because we're all about high quality, the shedding will be minimal.
        • Split-ends: Since natural hair has split ends, there may be some split ends in your hair extensions too but that is just to ensure that the hair is 100% natural and cuticle correct. There is no need to trim them, but you can if you want to.


          Rest assured, Glamcheck provides the most luxurious and highest-quality hair extensions - by far the best in Clip-In Human Hair Extensions options that are available today. 


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