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Bannerghatta Camping Outfit - Pairing Solids

Posted on December 18 2015

Namastey my lovely Friends,
It’s time for some nature inspired camping looks, so join me as I explore the wilderness of the beautiful Bannerghatta Nature Camp in Karnataka. Set on the outskirts of the busy metropolitan city of Bangalore, this preserved jungle also doubles up as a rehabilitation centre for tigers and lions rescued from the caged life in circuses.

Bannerghatta Camping Outfit - Pairing SolidsBannerghatta Camping Outfit - Pairing Solids

I went on a 2-day trip to the Bannerghatta Nature Camp where I stayed at the Jungle Lodges. During my stay, my looks and outfits were highly inspired by the wilderness spirit of the Camp. Relaxed and comfort were my utmost priority but yes, I didn’t want to compromise on the style factor! Check out my look I sported on Day 2.





My day started with an early morning stroll and a hike at the hill top to blissfully soak in the breathtaking scenery. For my day 2 outfit, I wore a bright and ultra comfortable orange dhoti pants that I got from Akriti with a relaxed oversized men’s tee in black. My favorite flip flops and silver finger rings added to the look.

Bannerghatta Camping OutfitBannerghatta Camping Outfit


Pairing SolidsPairing Solids

Pairing Solids Nature Camping OutfitPairing Solids Nature Camping Outfit


Nature Camping Around BangaloreNature Camping Around Bangalore


Bannerghatta Nature Camping BangaloreBannerghatta Nature Camping Bangalore



As you would have noticed, my outfit was quite simple but I did let my hairstyle take centre stage. I didn’t go for any fancy styles that would demand too much time. Rather, I left my beautiful curls naturally open to channel the whole carefree and wild jungle vibe. I wore Glamcheck clip-in hair extensions 160 gram set in the color Ombre Bleach blond naturally curly. It surely gave me that jungle goddess look.

Glamcheck clip-in hair extensions 160 gram set Ombre Bleach blond naturally curlyGlamcheck clip-in hair extensions 160 gram set Ombre Bleach blond naturally curly


Glamcheck clip-in hair extensions Ombre Bleach blond curlyGlamcheck clip-in hair extensions Ombre Bleach blond curly


Glamcheck clip-in hair extensionsGlamcheck clip-in hair extensions


clip-in hair extensions GlamcheckClip-in hair extensions Glamcheck



Clip In Hair Extensions in India Glamcheck Hair


Watch my Day 1 Outfit

So what do you think of my nature inspired camping looks? I had fun, felt connected to nature and luckily, managed to capture some stunning images & footage of the scenery and animals. My Bannerghatta trip was worthwhile!

Bannerghatta Nature Camp PicsBannerghatta Nature Camp Pics


Bannerghatta Nature Camp Pic

Bannerghatta Nature Camp Pic


Bannerghatta Nature Camp PicturesBannerghatta Nature Camp Picture


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