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What is Virgin Hair

Posted on January 14 2015


Virgin Hair

Virgin hair is a term used to denote hair strands that are absolutely 100 percent human and natural as well as uncolored, unprocessed and untreated. This also signifies that whoever the hair has been collected from has never exposed their hair to treatments that use color, bleach, dye or any chemical ever. Virgin hair is collected from a single donor with the cuticles intact and unidirectional in their natural state from root to tip.

Virgin hair can be further categorized into Raw Virgin and Virgin.

Raw Virgin Vs Virgin Hair

Raw Virgin – This specifically refers to hair that is acquired from Hindu virgin girls in the age group 14 to 18, who tonsure their head during Vestal temple renunciation ceremonies. Raw virgin hair is quite expensive, in fact when compared to Retail Indian virgin hair, it is anywhere between 50-65% pricier.

Virgin – This refers to hair that is still kept intact in its natural and pure state and has not been exposed to a chemical treatment of any sort. Virgin hair is sold in different grades that range from A-C Grade, the grades denote where and how the hair has been acquired from.


Glamcheck Clip In Human Hair Extensions are made of 100% Virgin Indian Remy Human hair. (except the colored ones which are 100% Indian Remy Human Hair but are not virgin)

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