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What is Indian Hair

Posted on January 14 2015


Indian hair, known for its naturally wavy and curly textures, is one of the most versatile, sought after and readily available hair types in the market for making hair extensions and hairpieces, and the reasons for this are many.


  • Its smooth and silky texture make it a favorite, also the fact that it can be styled and curled easily makes it so sought after .
  • Indian hair is naturally bouncy, airy and light.
  • Indian hair doesn’t need a lot of products to be styled.
  • Hair extensions made from Indian hair blend well with other types of hair textures too, so they are popular with girls belonging to different ethnicity which include Caucasians as well as those of African descent, among others.
  • Indian hair can also absorb color well and can be highlighted in lighter tones.The cuticles are usually less ragged and therefore look shinier due to the ability to reflect light.
  • Indian hair texture can be found in a range that extends from silky to lightly coarse.
However, it should be remembered that Indian hair has a tendency to swell and become frizzy when the weather is humid or foggy. But, overall, the quality of Indian hair is much better when compared to many other hair types, and it is also thicker, rounder and less prone to breakage.

Glamcheck Clip In Human Hair Extensions are made of 100% Virgin Indian Remy Human hair.

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